About the story


Tucked away in a tranquil mountain cabin, Janus, Lucas, Ava, and Cage seek a peaceful getaway, oblivious to the trap set by their host, Al, and his family. As they settle in, an unexpected encounter reveals the family’s dark intentions,  targeting Janus without their knowledge. Tragedy strikes when Lucas faces Hunter, meeting a dire fate while the others remain unaware of the looming danger.


Cage valiantly confronts Hunter but falls prey, and Ava narrowly escapes to Butch’s cabin, only to encounter the family’s ominous presence.

Meanwhile, Janus, focused on her thesis, endures a nightmarish ordeal. Despite a fleeting break, she falls into the grasp of the twisted family led by Al, orchestrating haunting rituals that seal her fate. In a frantic attempt, Cage briefly frees Janus, but their escape is halted as Hunter claims Cage’s life before seizing Janus once more. Trapped and haunted, Janus grapples with an unyielding struggle for survival in this chilling enclave.


NYC-bred Janus directs Off-Broadway, pursuing a Ph.D. at NYU. Her resilience, born from a tough past, drives her dedication to theater. Independent and disciplined, she balances directing and academia. With Lucas, her childhood neighbor turned partner, she bonds over their shared NYC history and love for the stage.

Growing up in Harlem alongside Cage, Lucas developed a profound love for music and harbored a silent crush on Janus. As a middle
school music teacher in NYC, Janus’s determination inspires him, yet fear hinders his dream of composing. His journey embodies longing and hesitation, a musical path unexplored.

Ava, raised in Washington Heights, thrived in Drama, holding a hidden admiration for Cage, the school’s popular figure, while cherishing all things Disney. As Cage’s beloved, she embraces “life is the show,” viewing the world as her stage. Idolizing Janus and seeing herself as a princess, Cage stands as her devoted knight.

Harlem-born Cage, Lucas’s best friend, excelled in school and admired Ava. Confident and witty, he founded his marketing firm. Now with Ava as his girlfriend, he fiercely protects her, a devoted guardian ready to provide her with the world’s entirety

Al, outwardly charming yet fiercely aggressive and manipulative, orchestrates murder through his wife and son, favoring their lethal hands over his own. As Butch’s husband and Hunter’s father, his domineering influence shapes a chilling family dynamic steeped in bloodlust.

Butch’s history reeked of her father’s brutality towards her mother, forcing her to escape after a grim act of self-preservation. Al’s entrance intensified her fixation. A grim reaper in her craft, she veils her lethal prowess beneath a sugary facade, operating discreetly within the walls of a local diner.

An infant orphaned by Al and Butch’s deadly act; Hunter was shaped into a predator under Al’s guidance. Proficient in hunting, he assists his mother Butch at the diner while fixating on Janus. His relentless pursuit mirrors a haunting past, resembling unsettling stalking behavior.

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